The Back-Up Plan

Probably one of the most important things you can do as a field biologist is have a back up plan. Research is incredibly expensive. The kind of expensive that it could cost you $10,000 per day just to rent a boat expensive. Continue reading


Thanksgiving Traditions

I would like to introduce the new addition to our family! She’s a 6 year old English Setter, Angie. She is one of the sweetest pups I’ve ever met. We wanted a companion for Duke and we couldn’t have been blessed with a better dog. She is about to share her first thanksgiving with us. I’m going to cook the dogs up some pumpkin treats! Continue reading

Bonnett Carre Spillway

I wanted to give a review of a local trail that I discover a new love for… even though I’ve run it many times. For the past couple years, my husband and I have participated in the Spillway Run. It is known for holding lots of water and being a very dirty mud run. Sounds fun but I just find it insufferably hot!! BUT, Bobby has been into mountain biking lately, so he and a friend wanted to bike it so I tagged along to run on my own. It is my new favorite running spot. 78 degrees, breezy, shaded, 4.7 mile loop… what more could you ask for in southern Louisiana. Plus it’s free and just outside of New Orleans. Continue reading

Austin, TX Road Trip!

Bobby and I went on a last minute trip to Austin, TX this past weekend. As you may or may not know, we are very conscious of what we eat and try to live a mostly Paleo food lifestyle. So naturally, I follow a few Paleo bloggers on social media and podcasts. Two of my favorites happened to be doing a book signing in Austin and it didn’t take much to convince Bobby to go, so we packed up Duke and were on our way. Continue reading

Show your Face

I love this picture of Duke… I needed an excuse to post it in my blog :).  On to business… We are talking about interviews.

If you have an interview, do your absolute best to be there in person!  I feel very strongly about this.  Many people get hired through phone interviews, but there is something about human connection that gives the in-person interview an advantage. One of the most important things is that you could be equally qualified with someone else but if it is between you and the other person who does a phone interview, you will most likely get the offer. Especially if you smile a lot!  It also shows that the interview is important to you.  Continue reading

Red Snapper Look-a-Like

On a recent fishing trip, we were going through our Red Snapper catch and noticed one was slightly darker than the rest.  When we looked closely, we found the fish had a few distinguishing marks. I was told it was a Blackfin Snapper, in the same genus as the Red Snapper.  Even more exciting, it has a higher catch limit and no season!  I found a really good article on these fish so I won’t rewrite what someone else has written well, so check it out at

As you can see, the Blackfin Snapper is definitely a different color, but when by itself it is easy to assume it’s a Red Snapper at a glance. Continue reading

Juvenile Mahi Mahi

You can find the most unlikely fish in Barataria Bay.  Just the other day we caught a Scrawled Filefish with a dip net, and today we caught this highly sought-after offshore fish! Just a baby version. Many juvenile species spend their younger years inshore before they move offshore to live and spawn. I had no idea that Mahi made it into the bay. They are amazing in that they are very fast growers. They will reach adult full size within a year or so. With such a high growth rate, I wonder at what size they move offshore and out of the bays? I will have to research it and get back to you, but until then, I hope you enjoy this little clip.