Show your Face

I love this picture of Duke… I needed an excuse to post it in my blog :).  On to business… We are talking about interviews.

If you have an interview, do your absolute best to be there in person!  I feel very strongly about this.  Many people get hired through phone interviews, but there is something about human connection that gives the in-person interview an advantage. One of the most important things is that you could be equally qualified with someone else but if it is between you and the other person who does a phone interview, you will most likely get the offer. Especially if you smile a lot!  It also shows that the interview is important to you. 
It can be intimidating when interviewing face-to-face, I know, and if you live in another state, it will cost you money to travel. But there are many perks to showing up. 
1. You can show your true self.  If you are nervous, you will most likely show it, and that’s okay. Most people expect you to be nervous and won’t hold it against you. Seeing how you interact with others and how you act under pressure means a lot to an employer. Your cheery attitude and amiability goes a long way.
2.  You get to meet employers.  You have to work FOR these people. Are they someone you see yourself working for and being able to respect? This answer could be yes or no and may save you from the headache of taking a job working for someone with whom you don’t mesh.
3.  You get to meet future coworkers. You have to work WITH these people. What is the staff like? What are they doing? Chat with them if possible. Notice their attitudes, it says a lot.
4.  You get to see the place of employment.  Did it seem nice on paper and then the facility wasn’t what you expected? Did it exceed your expectations? Especially if you are out of town, it is a good idea to actually see what your environment would look like and it will help make your decision if you get offered the job.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a positive attitude, a smile, and asking lots of questions. Showing an interest in the people there and the work that is done speaks a lot and will help the staff remember you, which is important after a long day of multiple interviews! Good luck and I hope these tips help you on your journey. If you have tips or a success story, I would love you hear about it! Leave a comment or send me an email!


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