Bonnett Carre Spillway

I wanted to give a review of a local trail that I discover a new love for… even though I’ve run it many times. For the past couple years, my husband and I have participated in the Spillway Run. It is known for holding lots of water and being a very dirty mud run. Sounds fun but I just find it insufferably hot!! BUT, Bobby has been into mountain biking lately, so he and a friend wanted to bike it so I tagged along to run on my own. It is my new favorite running spot. 78 degrees, breezy, shaded, 4.7 mile loop… what more could you ask for in southern Louisiana. Plus it’s free and just outside of New Orleans. Continue reading


Red Snapper Fall Season Begins Today!

Starting today, you will be able to fish Red Snapper on weekends (Fri – Sun) until the limit has been reached. Don’t forget you will need the ROLP ( in addition to your fishing license. Bag limits are two per person and the minimum length is 16 inches. Continue reading