Pineapple Update

I always find it exciting to see how something grows. I’ve eaten and loved pineapple my whole life but how many things do we eat and have no idea how it grew? It was interesting to see the stages of the pineapple growth and definitely how long it took to reach maturity! It sprouted around March and we just picked it, so 5 months?? Pretty unbelievable. Here are a few pics of the progress over the past several months.

Just as it was sprouting in March… Continue reading


Unlikely Best Friends

My sweet little Diamondback Terrapin, Harley, has developed a close friendship with this fish over the years. The fish eats algae off his shell and Harley watches him with pure curiosity around the tank. They follow each other around, lay around together… Harley can even walk on the fish and it doesn’t bother the fish at all! It’s really cute to watch such a unique relationship between known fish-eater and fish. Hope you enjoy this little clip. I will upload more as I come across them.

Spring-time around my yard

Thought I’d share a quick little post of a couple neat things I’ve found in my backyard!

We have a sweet little Inca Dove that nested in our lemon tree. Bobby was trimming it back and the nest fell! There were two newborn fledglings in it and so we placed it back neatly on the branch and the mom came back almost immediately. She has been diligently with them since and boy have they gotten big! They are easily half her size at this point.  Continue reading


A Ribbon Snake, a type of Garter Snake, made an appearance in my backyard today. My English Setter, Angie, was staring at something under a bush and all of a sudden she had the snake in her mouth! I almost had a heart attack and she let it go but it took everything I had to keep her away. They are not venomous but she did have a bloody nose. The snake had a little wound on its tail but it made out okay. Angie is fine too, thank God. 

We live on a bayou, so it’s common to have Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin here, which would have been a whole different story. I do not know my snakes well, so I asked a friend to be sure of the species. 

Non-venomous snakes are good to have in the yard. They are a sign of a healthy ecosystem and help control rodents. Just keep an eye out while you do your spring gardening!

Bonnett Carre Spillway

I wanted to give a review of a local trail that I discover a new love for… even though I’ve run it many times. For the past couple years, my husband and I have participated in the Spillway Run. It is known for holding lots of water and being a very dirty mud run. Sounds fun but I just find it insufferably hot!! BUT, Bobby has been into mountain biking lately, so he and a friend wanted to bike it so I tagged along to run on my own. It is my new favorite running spot. 78 degrees, breezy, shaded, 4.7 mile loop… what more could you ask for in southern Louisiana. Plus it’s free and just outside of New Orleans. Continue reading

Austin, TX Road Trip!

Bobby and I went on a last minute trip to Austin, TX this past weekend. As you may or may not know, we are very conscious of what we eat and try to live a mostly Paleo food lifestyle. So naturally, I follow a few Paleo bloggers on social media and podcasts. Two of my favorites happened to be doing a book signing in Austin and it didn’t take much to convince Bobby to go, so we packed up Duke and were on our way. Continue reading

Crawfish Boil!

Most Louisiana gatherings involve crawfish boils, crab boils, fried fish, and/or gumbo. What a change from the Florida backyard barbecue!

Other than the fried fish, I’m really impressed with how healthy classic Cajun food can be… Not to mention all their seafood comes from their back door. They do not buy seafood from the grocery store. They buy straight from the fisherman or fish house. Fish is usually caught on the weekends! How fresh is that! Continue reading