Pineapple Update

I always find it exciting to see how something grows. I’ve eaten and loved pineapple my whole life but how many things do we eat and have no idea how it grew? It was interesting to see the stages of the pineapple growth and definitely how long it took to reach maturity! It sprouted around March and we just picked it, so 5 months?? Pretty unbelievable. Here are a few pics of the progress over the past several months.

Just as it was sprouting in March… Continue reading


Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

Hope you got to see the incredible solar eclipse today! I was stuck in Grand Isle but we made the most of it! It was overcast and it rained right at peak time, but I was able to see it for a few minutes with my super cool eclipse glasses before the clouds became too dense. Can’t wait for the next one! My baby will be old enough to remember it then :). Hard to see from inside my belly!

Unlikely Best Friends

My sweet little Diamondback Terrapin, Harley, has developed a close friendship with this fish over the years. The fish eats algae off his shell and Harley watches him with pure curiosity around the tank. They follow each other around, lay around together… Harley can even walk on the fish and it doesn’t bother the fish at all! It’s really cute to watch such a unique relationship between known fish-eater and fish. Hope you enjoy this little clip. I will upload more as I come across them.