I have beenIMG_2642 wanting to start a blog for so long, and today is the day!  First of all, I really appreciate those of you reading.  I hope that I can entertain, educate, and encourage you.

As my bio says, I am a Florida native who moved to southern Louisiana about five and a half years ago, right before the horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and got a job as a fisheries biologist.

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I’ve been preoccupied 😊

I wanted to share with you the reason I’ve been off-line lately. Please meet Garden Rose!

Being pregnant all year was a challenge but so worth it! I can’t believe how wonderful it is to have a baby and an addition to the family. We couldn’t love her more.

I will be going back to work in about a month and will try to get back to writing posts. Until then, Merry Christmas! I hope you got to enjoy the epic snow in Louisiana this year! God bless.

Hummingbird Festival *this weekend* and other Tunica Hills Highlights

A really neat must-see at least once in your life… the Feliciana Hummingbird Festival. It’s being held this Saturday, Sept 9, from 7am-3pm. The locations are the following:National Wildbird Refuge15736 Tunica Trace on Highway 66 in Tunica HillsMurrell Butler’s residence 9485 Oak Hill RdBains, LA 70775I’ve only been to the National Wildbird Refuge. It’s a quaint little place. It looks like someone’s residence with a pretty, wild garden with tons of hummingbird feeders and flowers spread about. It’s pretty interesting to see how they catch the hummingbirds for research banding. Plus, I doubt you have ever seen so many of these tiny birds in one place! I went two years ago and I’m going to share an overview of what they do in case you can’t make it in person.First, they have to catch the birds and they use these ingenious little traps to do so.

Then the birds go through a physical examination before being banded with an ID number. The check for body fat, weigh them, assess plumage and general condition assessment, as well as a few other things.

Getting some energy before being released!If you ask them, they might let you release a one!

It was definitely a good experience. Children would really enjoy it as well. There weren’t many other activities other than seeing all the birds congregate and the banding, but Tunica Hills is a really amazing place to spend a day or a weekend. There is my favorite campground, Tunica Hills Campground, which is right across from Clarks Creek. There they have multiple waterfalls and pools where you can swim along the easy to strenuous hikes.

There is also the world’s largest swamp cypress tree at Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge (make sure it’s not closed due to flooding!).

Even if you don’t make it to the festival, I hope you get a chance to visit the Tunica Hills area sometime. There is also a nearby town that is very picturesque and charming called St. Francisville. Make sure you stop into Birdman Coffee & Books! Enjoy!

Pineapple Update

I always find it exciting to see how something grows. I’ve eaten and loved pineapple my whole life but how many things do we eat and have no idea how it grew? It was interesting to see the stages of the pineapple growth and definitely how long it took to reach maturity! It sprouted around March and we just picked it, so 5 months?? Pretty unbelievable. Here are a few pics of the progress over the past several months.

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Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

Hope you got to see the incredible solar eclipse today! I was stuck in Grand Isle but we made the most of it! It was overcast and it rained right at peak time, but I was able to see it for a few minutes with my super cool eclipse glasses before the clouds became too dense. Can’t wait for the next one! My baby will be old enough to remember it then :). Hard to see from inside my belly!

Unlikely Best Friends

My sweet little Diamondback Terrapin, Harley, has developed a close friendship with this fish over the years. The fish eats algae off his shell and Harley watches him with pure curiosity around the tank. They follow each other around, lay around together… Harley can even walk on the fish and it doesn’t bother the fish at all! It’s really cute to watch such a unique relationship between known fish-eater and fish. Hope you enjoy this little clip. I will upload more as I come across them.


Spring-time around my yard

Thought I’d share a quick little post of a couple neat things I’ve found in my backyard!

We have a sweet little Inca Dove that nested in our lemon tree. Bobby was trimming it back and the nest fell! There were two newborn fledglings in it and so we placed it back neatly on the branch and the mom came back almost immediately. She has been diligently with them since and boy have they gotten big! They are easily half her size at this point.  Continue reading


A Ribbon Snake, a type of Garter Snake, made an appearance in my backyard today. My English Setter, Angie, was staring at something under a bush and all of a sudden she had the snake in her mouth! I almost had a heart attack and she let it go but it took everything I had to keep her away. They are not venomous but she did have a bloody nose. The snake had a little wound on its tail but it made out okay. Angie is fine too, thank God. 

We live on a bayou, so it’s common to have Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin here, which would have been a whole different story. I do not know my snakes well, so I asked a friend to be sure of the species. 

Non-venomous snakes are good to have in the yard. They are a sign of a healthy ecosystem and help control rodents. Just keep an eye out while you do your spring gardening!