Little Blue Heron

One of my favorite shore birds! I was pleasantly surprised to see one looking for lunch outside my office window. Little Blue Herons are common along coastal marsh areas and to many, may seem like just another heron. It can be tough when learning about birds to get them all straight. 

This heron makes life especially difficult for us because as a juvenile, it is actually completely white! It looks just like a snowy egret at first glance. But if you look closer, you will notice that Snowy Egrets have black legs with yellow feet and a completely black beak. Little Blue Heron’s legs and feet are the same color and the tip of the Heron’s beak is black. 

This is probably a younger Little Blue. If you look closely, you will notice it has some longer feathers behind the base of its head and some white feathers present around his head and neck. It is still transitioning from white to blue.

Another interesting thing about these birds is their hunting stance. They stalk exactly like this picture… head extended and looking down and walk along the shore line. Other birds may walk in the water and coil their necks, for example. It’s amazing how unique animals can be! 

I am fortunate to be around so many different species of birds. Also, its about migration time so keep your eyes peeled for birds making the trip north across the Gulf of Mexico!


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