Bonnett Carre Spillway

I wanted to give a review of a local trail that I discover a new love for… even though I’ve run it many times. For the past couple years, my husband and I have participated in the Spillway Run. It is known for holding lots of water and being a very dirty mud run. Sounds fun but I just find it insufferably hot!! BUT, Bobby has been into mountain biking lately, so he and a friend wanted to bike it so I tagged along to run on my own. It is my new favorite running spot. 78 degrees, breezy, shaded, 4.7 mile loop… what more could you ask for in southern Louisiana. Plus it’s free and just outside of New Orleans.
According to Wikipedia, ” The Bonnet Carré Spillway consists of two basic components: a control structure along the east bank of the Mississippi River and a floodway that transfers the diverted flood waters to the lake. When opened, the control structure allows overflow volume to flow into Lake Pontchartrain. The lake’s opening to the gulf is sufficient to absorb and dissipate any conceivable volume of flood flow.”
That’s why it’s called a Spillway. So at times, it’s flooded, but that’s not often. If they open the Spillway to the river, they let people know. 

About the trail itself, it is “easy”. Children and adults alike can mountain bike it. That being said, it is far from boring. It has a lot of turns and ups and downs. Keeps you on your toes. Running it was fun and definitely a good workout. Most of the trail runs along a river. It has an easy to find trailhead right off the parking lot. Plus, as a well-maintained loop, you can’t get lost. As a bonus, there is a pavilion, portable bathrooms, boat launch, and plenty of shady trees to sit under by the ponds. 

This is a great place for those that want to get their northern fix of mountain biking and trail running and then relax in the shade and drink a gluten free beer (New Belgium’s Glutiny is a great one!). If you go, let me know how you like it! 


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