Austin, TX Road Trip!

Bobby and I went on a last minute trip to Austin, TX this past weekend. As you may or may not know, we are very conscious of what we eat and try to live a mostly Paleo food lifestyle. So naturally, I follow a few Paleo bloggers on social media and podcasts. Two of my favorites happened to be doing a book signing in Austin and it didn’t take much to convince Bobby to go, so we packed up Duke and were on our way. 
As an everyday biologist, I’m really interested in what I put in and on my body and how it is affected in return. That is one of the reasons I really love Paleo, it just makes sense. And having lived it for many years, the way it makes me feel speaks for itself. If you want to learn more about it, the two bloggers that I met in Austin are Casey Joy Garcia from and Diane Sanfilippo, author of Practical Paleo. They both have really good books and online content. 

Back to the Austin trip! It was different than what I expected, but I still loved it. It was like Jacksonville, FL and Denver had a baby. The city was a little spread out with great suburban and rural areas and had the beauty of Denver’s rolling hills. It also offered progressive and healthy restaurants and we especially loved the breweries we visited. We are on the hunt for awesome gluten free beer and found a great one at 4th Tap called Suneater. For ambiance, nothing will ever beat Jester King Brewery. What is better, most places were dog friendly! Duke was so happy!
We made time for a quick hike in the “hill country” and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was… 
The highlight of the trip was a 100% Paleo restaurant called Picnic. It started as a food truck years ago and now have two permanent locations. It felt so good to know that everything we got there was real food and had healthy ingredients. My pumpkin spice lattte was to die for and my quiche was so hardy that I could barely finish it. I find that when you eat real food, you are full much quicker and satisfied for longer. Bobby got the breakfast hash. I’ve never seen so many veggies in a breakfast dish. Delicious! 

I really enjoyed this city and can’t wait to go back soon. I hope this post encourages you to get out and explore. Gas is cheap right now so road trips are they way to go! I also hope I’ve encouraged you to think twice about the ingredients you are putting in/on your body. Our bodies are living things and need good nutrition to run optimally. On that note, your skin is your largest organ, so if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, it doesn’t deserve to be on your body! Anyways, I’ll save that for another post. Until next time, happy travels!


One thought on “Austin, TX Road Trip!

  1. srwood1955 September 29, 2016 / 10:40 am

    That post was so encouraging to get going in life! So many places to go and to stay healthy to enjoy the land!


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