Searobins! Fish + Bird?

We have a new member of our fish tank family, the bighead searobin (Prionotus tribulus)!


We catch these animals in our groundfish trawls.  I’m sure you have heard of trawling, but for those that haven’t, it is a large net deployed and dragged off your boat.  You can drag the net anywhere in the water column, but we drag ours along the bottom (hence, “groundfish”).  Searobins live on the ocean floor and can get up to 1-2 ft long.  We usually catch them in the 4-6 inch range.  We have many species of searobins in the Gulf, others we commonly catch being the Blackwing, Blue-Spotted, Big-Eye, and Mexican.

Searobins are one of my favorites for fish tanks because I find them a little creepy.


They lie still on the bottom, changing colors to camoflauge themselves, and when feeding, they “walk” around on the front three spines of their pectoral fins (looks like little legs).  When swimming, thier pectoral fins look like wings as they “fly” through the water.  So cool.  I hope he does well in his new home!

FullSizeRender (1)


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