Have a great weekend!

I hope you get outside this weekend.  Let nature refresh you.  I will be camping with this guy… and this pup!  Keep in mind that it is the anniversary of 9/11, so lets make sure to reflect on our blessings and remember those that lost their lives during this event.

2C518E5B-CD83-40BB-AED7-580DBD3FE032Duke is our 12 year old Irish Setter.  His old bones still get him through and he loves to go on trips!


For those that have older dogs, you may find that they tend to get really arthritic as they age.  Duke was getting to the point that he could hardly get up and limped around everywhere.  Our vet suggested Adequin (spelling?), which is an injection that plumps up his cartilage.  She said it may or may not work, but the research behind it is good.  We have had him on it for about 2 months now, first getting an injection every week and now every other week.  He is a new dog.  He hops up without hesitation and though is mobility is not like when he was a puppy, he gets around really well.  The difference is amazing.  So if your dog has the same issues as mine, ask your vet about it.  It’s well worth the money!


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