Dolphin gets released from rehab..

Today was one for the history books.  The first official release of a dolphin (named Octavius) in Louisiana that had undergone rehab was released back in the wild right here in Grand Isle!  He was rescued six months ago and went to Audubon for care.  Dolphin strandings are unfortunately common, especially in places where you have large dolphin populations.  They happen for all kinds of reasons, but occasionally we get a live stranding and he/she is safely moved to a local rehabilitation facility.

Octavius was brought to the island in a special van with a custom tank in the back.  He was under strict veterinary supervision and care.  Multiple agencies were involved and the cooperation was actually wonderful.  Everyone had the same goal of getting this dolphin safely back in the wild!

I was able to help carry the dolphin in the sling from the tank out of the van and handed him off to another crew to release him in the water.  My friend Erin, who was one of the original rescuers on the beach, was able to be part of the water release.  Full circle!

Here is a link to the news’ post on this story…

Also, here is my much lower quality video, haha.  Funny story, Erin and a few others originally named the dolphin Kenny (from Southpark) because no one can ever kill Kenny!  But somehow he got renamed, but we all know what his real name is!




One thought on “Dolphin gets released from rehab..

  1. Zach April 30, 2016 / 12:54 pm

    Nice article! I’m glad to hear that the dolphin recovered and made it back to the wild! Keep up the posts!


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