Fight for your State Parks

Hello everyone!  I feel so strongly on this topic, I hope you will bear with me.  I’m not sure about other states, but Louisiana is dealing with some severe budget cuts right now under our new governor.  Don’t get me wrong – I am all for balancing the budget, and I am suffering through it at my job being that I work for a state agency.  There is definitely room to “trim the fat”,but I’m throroughly disappointed in the decision to close state parks.  Not all of them are taking the hit, but my local state park that I hold near and dear to my heart is up for the running.  They already run on the most minimal budgets and are something every member of the public can utilize, not just someone that fits in a certain category.  Everyone!

FullSizeRender (4)

Grand Isle State Park is such a unique treasure to Louisiana.  It is right on the beach, offering beach camping, nature walks through the coastal habitat, paddling on small lagoons, opportunities to see tons of birds, and awesome facilities with a lookout tower.  It has been kept so beautifully natural and when you are there, you can’t help but feel completely immersed into the environment.  The manager just told me they get over 70,000 visitors a year!

IMG_1052So what do you do when something like this happens?  Well, I contacted my political friend, because we all know it’s all about who you know in politics.  He told me that I can also write the governor’s office to voice my opinion, which is what anyone can do no matter who you know.  I immediately wrote them a note on the website.  If you are reading this and would like to stand up for this state park or any other issue that is close you your heart, the website is

FullSizeRender (3)Something else to support if you are in Louisiana is the Q50 races.  The do all their races in state parks and are off-road runs.  The not only bring income and support to the parks but also raise money for The Mission, which helps the needy in New Orleans.  Many of the state parks where Q50 holds their races are in the running to close as well.  We recently ran the one in Grand Isle State Park.

So whether you are passionate about your state parks or something else, be sure to voice your opinions to the local government!  There are so many other important things going on in our communities too… hospital closures, education dilemmas, roads, etc.  Stand up for what you know is right.  Somebody has to!


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