Avocets on GI

How do you de-stress during your work day? I may have mentioned this before, but my favorite part of my day is running at lunchtime. And it’s not because I love running! It’s because when I get back, I feel ridiculously awesome and renewed… Ready to “start” the rest of my day.

It’s very strategic though… I eat a snack at just the right time so I’m not hungry or full before my run, and I always go at noon. If I try to put it off an hour, I get busy and it doesn’t happen. It is really important to stick to a routine sometimes. This helps me have no excuses.

I run from the lab to the beach (less than a mile away) and run down the beach a while. I love seeing the variety of shorebirds we have here. Some are seasonal, so occasionally I get a surprise! Check out the avocets I saw yesterday! Not great picture quality but I didn’t want to scare them away, so I kept a little distance.

Moral of the story is that I want to encourage you to find something that gives you joy and refreshment during your day. Sometimes it’s the little things in life!


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