Little Hen! Little Eggs!

IMG_0376 IMG_0313

Bobby and I are so proud of our little lady!  We got her as just a little baby and she laid her first egg last week!  I didn’t realize she was old enough, honestly, but I did notice her acting a little out of the ordinary.  She began hanging around this secluded area in the coop and I just got that feeling like only mom’s can get… so I put a little hay in that area and she laid her first egg about two days later.  I was collecting about an egg a day for a week!  She later moved inside the coop to lay her eggs, so now she has the cutest little nest.

Our chickens are the little Bantam chickens and are like mini-me’s, so the eggs are pretty small.  Now that we collected enough for a good breakfast, we got brave and tried them!  It’s a little weird for me when I try to eat something new I grew or in this case, raised.  I don’t know why – she is healthy and eats organic food and the eggs look normal, but I was still being kind of a chicken (pun-intended) about it.
IMG_0368Well, we decided to take the plunge and they were delicious!  Tasted totally normal, and had a nice rich flavor.  We are big animal softies, so I feel so much better about eating eggs from a chicken that I know has a great life.  If anyone reading this has access to local farm fresh eggs, I would highly encourage you to support them!  I can’t even think about commercial chicken houses without getting very upset, especially now that I have some of my own.  So I hope you get out there and support happy healthy chickens!

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