Chicken Tricks and Yard Update 😊

I’m no chicken expert, but I definitely know a correlation when I see one! Any time I give my chickens watermelon rinds, it’s guaranteed eggs the next day. My hens are sporadic layers. They all lay around the same time, and how they plan that I’ll never know, and they all take breaks around the same time. I frequently give them raw veggie and fruit leftovers and peelings, but something about watermelon really does the trick! They LOVE it! Chickens tend to love red things to start off with, plus watermelon has a surprisingly high amount of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It happens to have high amounts of Vitamin A, which I read was important for egg laying, and Vitamin C, which helps with stress. That coupled with super hydrating them, watermelon seems to be a egg layer’s friend.

Next, it is well into mosquito season in the south, so I desperately try to find ways to relieve my chickens of the pesky bugs. Yes, the chickens will try to eat them, but we have so many it is literally impossible for them to keep up at times. So I found that clipping sprigs of rosemary and scattering them around inside their coops is a miracle! There will be swarms of mosquitoes outside the coop but only a few inside. And that’s even with the coop door open! Rosemary has a strong smell, so I try to just put enough to work without making the smell too strong for the chickens. Added bonus is I read rosemary is calming for laying hens. Who knows!

For those who are curious about my little Inca doves who hatched this year and have made my yard their home, here is a pretty bad picture of them but I’m having trouble getting a good one!

They are hanging out next to a Japanese plum tree, or “Muspulus” tree. That’s what the Cajuns call it :). Very popular down here – you will see one growing in most people’s yards.

And here is my pineapple! And it’s sprouting more pineapples. Only took 4 years!


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